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Mozilla for HP-UX revolutionizes Internet browsing by providing an easier and more personal way to use the Internet.   It is designed around tasks people do the most—online browsing, searching, and e-mail—bringing them together for the most convenient and customized experience.   Mozilla includes Navigator, Messenger, Composer, Mail and News group, Address book components, and IR Chat.

Note: Documentation links on this page may no longer work. The HP-UX Java documentation now resides on the Business Support Center (BSC) at:

The Mozilla application suite will not be updated with any new security fixes.   If you are currently using Mozilla or Netscape, we encourage you to upgrade to Firefox 1.5, or later version, to avoid security vulnerabilities.   Firefox for HP-UX can be downloaded from Firefox/Thunderbird Downloads and Documentation.



Mozilla uses the open-source windowing toolkit Ximian GNOME 1.4 GTK+ Libraries for HP-UX on both HP Integrity and HP-9000 PA-RISC platforms.   You must install the windowing toolkit before installing Mozilla.

This version includes improved Asian font support on HP-UX and includes the Japanese Language Pack.

Version Downloads:

Note: The following download link contains downloads for:

  • Mozilla for HP PA-RISC 11.0, 11i v1 (11.11) and 11i v2 (11.23) (June 2006)
  • Mozilla for HP Integrity 11.22 (11i v1.6) and HP-UX 11.23 (11i v2) (June 2006)
  • Mozilla for HP-UX - Source code (June 2006)

» Mozilla – June 2006

Archived Mozilla Releases Downloads:

» Archived Mozilla Releases



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» Mozilla Release Notes for version (June 2006)
» Archived Mozilla release notes
» Recommended Operating Systems Runtime and Development Environment
» Mozilla White Paper

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Mozilla Plug-ins

Several optional plug-ins are available that extend the functionality of Mozilla.   Many are supported by their respective manufacturers, not by HP.

» Plug-ins for Mozilla Browsers


Java Notes

If you are using Java applets that require HP native Java, you need the Java Runtime Environment and Java Plug-in or later.   HP recommends that you download the latest versions from Java on HP-UX Home.   Separate versions are required for HP Integrity and HP-9000 PA-RISC platforms.

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