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Availability Collector (AVC) is a software agent that collects availability data from managed systems and sends the collections back to HP. This service is available only to HP Mission Critical customers.

With HP-UX this ability is part of the Advance Configuration Collector (ACC) deployed with the Insight Remote Support Advanced Solution. There is also an HP-UX client available, which has been tested on more recent versions on HP-UX and is available for download below. The AVC client for Windows and Linux systems is no longer available or supported. The current release version of AVC is 2.6.1.

Features and Benefits

The Availability Reporting solution consists of both the Availability Collector and the Availability Reports. Availability reports are provided by HP personnel to customers per the customers support agreement. HP developed Availability Collectors to run on customer systems. Availability Collectors are available for HP-UX systems only.

Availability Reports include the following information:

  • Customer-defined schedule for data collections to occur
  • Individual monitored systems/components or aggregate reports for multiple devices
  • Percentages of up time and both planned and unplanned outages
  • Downtime types and causes including specific downtimes, number of occurrences and amount of downtime associated with each type and its cause.

The HP Availability Collector includes the following performance characteristics:

  • Monitor system up and downtimes
  • Record specific start and stop times
  • Categorize downtime (operator initiated, crash, etc.)
  • Use less than 1% of CPU time
  • Use less than 50MB of disk space
  • Require minimal or no configuration
  • Install in less than 1 minute and require no reboot or patches

Download Instructions

To download AVC:

  1. Click Receive for Free and complete the order form.
  2. From the Electronic downloads list, select the kit to download.

AVC software contains cryptography technology. Some countries regulate the import, use and/or export of certain products with cryptography. HP makes no claims as to the applicability of local country import, use and/or export regulations in relation to the download of this product. If you are located outside the U.S. and Canada you are advised to consult your local country regulations to insure compliance.

Installation instructions are available to internal HP users as AVC is a Mission Critical service.

Note that only the latest AVC client software is available for download from the HP Software Depot. HP will not provide any previous versions of the AVC client software. For backup purposes, please archive a copy of your current AVC client software.

If you need support with your AVC installation or product, please contact your HP Account Support team.

Additional product information
Product #: AVCBASE01
Version: -
Software specification: AVCHPUX_2.6.1_build206.depot