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HP 3PAR Software Plug-In for VMware VAAI

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HP 3PAR Software Plug-In for VMware VAAI (vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration) delivers advanced integration between HP 3PAR Utility Storage and VMware vSphere, which combines the efficiency of HP 3PAR’s space reclamation technologies with advanced levels of virtual machine (VM) scalability, performance, and agility for the most demanding VMware vSphere deployments.


  • HP 3PAR Software Plug-in v1.1 supports all four original vSphere 4.1 VAAI primitives (Full Copy, Block Zeroing, Hardware-assisted locking, and Thin Provisioning stun)


  • HP 3PAR Software Plug-in v2.2 supports the four primitives mentioned above (those released with vSphere 4.1) with vSphere 5.0 for customers running HP 3PAR InForm OS v2.3.1.


  • HP 3PAR InForm OS v3.1.1 supports the four original primitives along with all of the new vSphere 5.0 capabilities. A plug-in is not required for VAAI support with vSphere 5.0 and InForm OS v3.1.1.



Features and Benefits

  • Integrates advanced, high-performance storage capabilities with the latest version of VMware vSphere
  • Increases VM density per server and datastore through dramatically improved scalability and reliability
  • Accelerates server and network performance by eliminating redundant and repetitive write commands
  • Improves the agility of enterprise and cloud data centers by enabling rapid VM deployment and expedited cloning



What's New in HP 3PAR Software Plug-In v2.2 for VMware VAAI

  • Support for Full Copy, Block Zeroing, Hardware-assisted locking, and Thin Provisioning stun with vSphere 5.0 (and InForm OS 2.3.1).



What's New with HP 3PAR InForm OS 3.1.1 and vSphere 5.0 (No plug-in required)

  • Support for the new VAAI primitives available in vSphere 5.0
    • Space Reclamation (UNMAP): Reclaim space after a VMDK is deleted within the VMFS environment.
    • TP LUN Reporting: Notifies whether or not a LUN is a Thin Provisioned LUN without going back to a vendor's management tool to check.
    • Out of Space Condition: Uses CHECK CONDITION status to pause a VM when it runs out of space to provide enough time so that the associated volumes can be expanded.
    • Quota Exceeded Behavior: VMware provides alerts when certain thresholds are exceeded. These thresholds are set with the storage vendor's tools.
  • Support for the HP P10000 3PAR Storage Systems




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System Requirements:

For complete HP 3PAR Software requirements and compatibility lists, refer to the product documentation below and the 3PAR Array Software section on the HP SPOCK website:


Product Documentation:

For HP 3PAR Software Plug-In for VAAI User Guide and related documents, go to, navigate to the product page, click Support for your product, and then click Manuals. Please note that the user documents refer to the download image as “"


For addition information on VMware VAAI, please visit VMware’s website:



Product Support:

For support, please follow the standard support processes for your HP storage arrays or visit


Additional product information
Product #: HP3PARVAAI
Version: -
Software specification: VMware VAAI 1.1.1 (
VMware VAAI 2.2 (
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