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HP Insight Control Storage Module for vCenter

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HP Insight Control Storage Module for VMware vCenter is a plug-in for VMware's vCenter management console which enables the vSphere administrator to quickly obtain context-aware information about the HP storage in their VMware vSphere environment directly from within vCenter.

This enables the vSphere administrator to easily see how virtual machines are mapped to datastores and individual disk volumes, as well as create and manage both datastores and virtual machines. By providing the ability to clearly view and directly manage these relationships between virtual machines, datastores and the HP arrays, the VMware administrator's productivity increases, as does the ability to ensure quality of service.


The Storage module of HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter can be installed and used at no charge. Licensing is enabled as part of the download and installation sequence.
The Server module of HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter is licensed with HP Insight Control or HP OneView. At any given time, only one of the two licences is required for a managed host. New advance provisioning capabilities are available for HP OneView licensed host only.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully compatible with the latest version of VMware, vSphere 2013
  • Monitor and manage the physical / virtual relationships between the VMware Virtual Machines & ESX servers and the HP Storage
    • Map VMware/virtual environments and provide detailed information about the HP storage being used
    • Create / Expand / Delete VMware Datastores
    • Create a Virtual Machine from a template
    • Clone one or more Virtual Machines from an existing Virtual Machine
    • Delete an unassigned volume

What's New in HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter - April 2014

  • HP Insight Control Server Module for VMware vCenter v.7.3.1
    • Support for HP OneView licensed hosts
    • Create or grow a cluster from HP OneView profiles/HP OneView reference host
    • Virtual Connect cluster configuration / synchronization
    • Coordinated and schedulable firmware deployment
    • Simplified initial configuration of credentials
    • HP Infrastructure to VM drill down topology
  • HP Insight Control Storage Module for VMware vCenter v.7.3.1
    • Enhanced Storage Management
      • HP 3PAR Recovery Manager for VMware Integration
      • HP 3PAR Peer Persistence management
      • HP MSA 1040 Integration
    • Simplified Configuration Management
      • Graphical VMs to Volumes visualization

Note: For more details please refer to the release notes.


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System Requirements

The following HP Storage families are supported (See SPOCK website for the complete list and refer to the product documentation):

  • HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage
  • HP StoreVirtual Storage and StoreVirtual VSA
  • HP StoreOnce Backup and StoreOnce VSA
  • HP MSA Storage
  • HP XP Storage
  • HP EVA Storage

Product Documentation

HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter Installation Guide, User Guide and Release Notes are available on HP Enterprise Information Library.

Product Support

For support, please follow the standard support processes for your HP storage arrays or visit

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Additional product information
Product #: HPVPR     
Additional info
Version: 7.3.1
Software specification: Insight Control for VMware vCenter 7.3.1 Software - Mar 2014
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