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Insight Remote Support Advanced 5.x

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About HP Insight Remote Support Advanced

Insight Remote Support Advanced is a software solution comprised of multiple software applications working collectively to monitor managed systems, detect events, and transmit the data to HP for analysis.

Important: Insight Remote Support Advanced A.05.80 support for HP SIM stopped at SIM version 7.2.x. HP SIM 7.3 is not supported with Insight Remote Support Advanced A.05.80. SIM 7.3 will only be supported with Insight RS 7.x.

It is critical that you read and use the product documentation before and during your installation for the installation to succeed. You will be able to configure your remote support solution when you run the A.05.80 Remote Support Advanced executable file, but it is imperative that you use the Insight Remote Support Advanced Central Management Server Configuration Guide to understand the implications of your options before making a selection. Additionally, there are system prerequisites for both your Central Management Server (CMS) and managed systems that, if ignored, will prevent a successful installation and may require a full reinstallation.

The Insight Remote Support Advanced documentation is available at:

Important: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista operating systems are not supported as an HP Insight Remote Support CMS. See the Insight Remote Support Advanced Release Notes for more information about the CMS Requirements.

Important: Microsoft .Net version 2.0 is required on the CMS. You may download Insight Remote Support Advanced, but do not install it until you have verified the .Net 2.0 dependency has been met on your CMS.

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