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Insight Remote Support Advanced 5.x

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About HP Insight Remote Support Advanced

Insight Remote Support Advanced (RSA) is a software solution comprised of multiple software applications working collectively to monitor managed systems, detect events, and transmit the data to HP for analysis.

Important: The Insight RSA A.05.80 software has been removed from general availability.

HP recommends customers install the Insight RS 7.x software unless the Insight RSA A.05.80 software is required for their environment. To download the Insight RS 7.x software, go to:

General recommendations for customers who have installed or are planning to install Insight RSA A.05.80:

Customers who should install Insight RS 7.x:

  • Customers monitoring only Windows and Linux devices in their environment, regardless of the type of entitlement, with no need to support the devices cited below.
  • Customers monitoring HP-UX devices under warranty with no need to support the devices cited below.
  • Customers monitoring HP-UX devices under Proactive Care contracts with no need to support the devices cited below may move to the next Insight RS 7.x release planned in Q3 2014.

Customers who should remain on Insight RSA A.05.80:

  • Customers monitoring HP-UX devices under MCP, CS, P24 or PSM contracts.
  • Customers monitoring HP StorageWorks P9000/XP Storage devices.
  • Customers monitoring HP NonStop Server Systems.

Further updates will be made as platforms supported on Insight RSA A.05.80 are migrated to Insight RS 7.x.

Important: Insight RSA A.05.80 support for HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM) stopped at SIM version 7.2.x. HP SIM 7.3 is not supported with Insight RSA A.05.80. SIM 7.3 is only supported with Insight RS 7.x.

The Insight RSA documentation is available at:

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