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HP Storage Plug-in for SAP Landscape Virtualization Management

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HP Storage plug-in for SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Manager (LVM) is a high-performance and easy-to-use software to manage SAP landscapes in physical, virtual and cloud environments. It enables automation for customers to sync the data in Development, Training and Test environments with the Production environment. It provides a complete solution for administrators to make clones, copies and refresh the SAP system/landscapes. The customers can also migrate SAP applications across the physical and virtual infrastructure. This reduces the administrative effort to manage SAP landscapes and improves productivity. The customers can use this software for HP Storage running in HP-UX, Windows and Linux environments.

What's New:

  • Support for SAP NW LVM 2.0
  • Multiple LUNs supported for a Logical Volume
  • Volume group information and support for multiple logical Volumes
  • Multiple vCenters for Storage Manager
  • Mount point configuration is agnostic to Volume Manager

General Features:

HP storage Plug-in for SAP LVM provides the following –

  • Enables automation for SAP System Clone, SAP System Copy and SAP System Refresh
  • Enables automation for Application re-location/migration
  • Available on HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage and HP XP/P9500 Storage
  • Available on HP-UX, Windows, RHEL and SLES Operating systems

 Key benefits:

 Simplify management of SAP systems and landscapes (traditional and virtualized) on HP Storage

  • Enables automation for System Copy, Clone and Refresh of SAP Systems/landscapes
  • Reduces cost, time and effort to operate SAP systems thereby improving productivity

Improves operational continuity and data consistency

  • Enhances flexibility in making development and test data consistent with Production data
  • Reduces downtime of SAP systems in production

Enables monitoring of SAP systems, infrastructure metrics and status in real time

  • Single visualization view to monitor and manage SAP systems
  • Enables task scheduling and mass operations to meet SLA levels
  • End-to-end visibility, monitoring, and management of SAP and non-SAP applications in virtual infrastructure


Support Matrix:

SAP Environment

HP Storage

Operating System and Hypervisor support

LVM 2.0

HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage


HP P9500 Storage

·         VMware vSphere 5.1

·         Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

·         Windows Server 2012

·         Red Hat Enterprise Linux v6.1 and v6.3

·         SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.0 SP2

·         HP-UX 11.31

LVM 1.0

HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage


HP P9500 Storage

·         VMware vSphere 5.1

·         Windows Server 2008 R2

·         Red Hat Enterprise Linux v6.1

·         SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.0

Additional product information
Product #: SAP_LVM
Global Trade ID: Z7550-63179
Version: 2.0
Software specification: HP SAP LVM 2.0
HP SAP LVM Storage Plug-in User Guide
HP SAP LVM Storage Plug-in Release Notes
HP SAP LVM Storage Plug-in White Paper
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