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HP WBEM Services for HP-UX

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HP WBEM Services for HP-UX

Note: September 2011 web release onwards, all the HP-UX 11i v3 version of WBEM providers and Diagnostics products, are available for download on the "WBEM Management bundle for HP-UX 11i v3" bundle page at This bundle is released only on the web.

What is HP WBEM Services for HP-UX?

Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) ( is a platform and resource independent Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) standard that defines both a common model (i.e., description) and protocol (i.e., interface) for monitoring and controlling a diverse set of resources.

The HP WBEM Services for HP-UX product is the HP-UX implementation of the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) WBEM standard.

This product is based on The Open Group (TOG) Open Pegasus Open Source Software (OSS) project (

What can HP WBEM Services for HP-UX do for me?

HP WBEM Services for HP-UX enables

         Consistent, industry standard, description of HP-UX managed resources.

         Access to HP-UX WBEM-enabled resources from any WBEM-enabled management application.

         Common applications for local and remote management of resources.


HP WBEM Services for HP-UX delivers


         DMTF compliant implementation of WBEM.

         SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted communication between management applications and HP-UX managed systems.

This product supports strong encryption and includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (

         WBEM-enabled instrumentation that exposes computer system, operating system, process and network information.

         Command line utilities (osinfo, wbemexec) for accessing management data.


Additional information


For more information on HP WBEM Services for HP-UX, see the following sources:

         HP WBEM Services for HP-UX Release Notes

The release notes provide documentation for what's new with the release, features and change notifications, system requirements, and known issues. The release notes are available on the HP Technical Documentation Web site at and select HP-UX 11i WBEM Software collection.

         HP WBEM solutions

Additional information on HP WBEM Services for HP-UX is available at

What are the installation requirements for HP WBEM Services for HP-UX?

         HP-UX 11i v3


         Disk space requirements:


HP WBEM Services requires the following disk space to install:

  • / = 5 MB
  • /opt = 46 MB
  • /var = 184 KB
  • /usr = 1 MB


         Port requirements:


HP WBEM Services uses dedicated ports for CIM-XML traffic. Two ports are dedicated for CIM

XML communications between CIM clients and the CIM Server. One port is dedicated for CIMXML communications between Indication sender and Indication receiver (a CIM Server). HTTP Port 5988 HTTPS Port 5989

HTTPS Port for Export Connections


Additional product information
Product #: WBEMSvcs     
Additional info
Version: A.02.11/A.02.09 / A.02.07
Software specification: HP-UX 11.31 (WBEMMgmtBundle_C.07.01_HP-UX_B.11.31_IA.depot)
HP-UX 11.23 (WBEMSvcs_A.02.09.14_HP-UX_B.11.23_IA_PA.depot)
HP-UX 11.11 (WBEMSvcs_A.02.07.06_HP-UX_B.11.11_32_64.depot)